Remarkable Lawyer, Remarkable Person

Bright, hardworking, extremely competent, honest, sincere, strong, caring, accessible – these are just a few of the more significant adjectives I would use to describe my experience working with Ms. Voorhies Legan. My case was very complex, with strong international content, and very long and difficult, with every aspect of my divorce hotly contested all the way to a jury trial. Ms. Voorhies Legan never made promises, was always clear with me as to potential outcomes, yet managed to always exceed my own hopes and expectations. And she was always there for me, providing calming advice, as rode the “emotional roller-coaster” so common in a divorce.

Professionally, three characteristics stood out the most for me. First, she is truly an expert on Family Law Code. Throughout my case, I was amazed at how many arguments she defended and won based on her knowledge of Family Code, and at how she was able to properly steer and keep our case on track based on Family Law Code. Second, her fact retention. I don’t believe I have ever met a person, in law or otherwise, who could remember facts or events in such detail and precision. And third, she truly loves and is deeply engaged with her profession.

But what impressed me more than anything about Ms. Voorhies Legan, is that she is truly about the children. She is a strong advocate that two good parents should remain strong in the lives of the children, and works hard to assure that the children get the best possible result, based on on the circumstances of the case.

I am so happy that I chose Kristina Voorhies Legan as my attorney. I would definitely make the same choice again, and would highly recommend her to anyone that asks.

Posted by Charles
November 20, 2014