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While every effort is made to ensure that justice is served in family and criminal courts, sometimes the correct outcome is not reached. Mistakes are made. Procedures are not followed properly. Decisions are rendered based on faulty evidence.

If you believe that the process in your case was flawed or that you have been wronged by the legal system, it may be worth looking into the possibility of filing an appeal. To discuss your options with experienced appellate lawyer Kristina Voorhies Legan, call 915-503-1368

Appeal With Personal, and Attention to Detail

In appellate cases, whether they are criminal, family or civil law in nature, “the devil is in the details.” The key to success is finding small mistakes along the way that create the grounds for an appeal. The Law Office of Kristina Voorhies Legan is selective in choosing cases rather than running a high-volume practice. This allows her to devote the appropriate time and attention to every case she takes on, so she is able to focus on the small details that can make or break an appeals case.

Kristina is licensed to represent clients in the Sixth Circuit of the Federal District Court as well as the Fifth Circuit. She has also handled cases in the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals and El Paso’s Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. She handles a variety of family law appeals, including cases involving child support and property division. She also handles criminal appeals of misdemeanor and felony cases.

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