From a Retired Federal Annuitant

I filed for divorce after 18 years of marriage. We had four children so child support issues were a major factor, as well as the division of property. I was a federal law enforcement officer and my ex-wife was a housewife with no employment skills. I filed pro se, acting as my own attorney, in order to save money. My ex-wife was represented by an attorney who charged her $10,000. I retired shortly after the divorce and soon discovered her attorney had botched the divorce decree, which awarded one-half of my retirement to my ex-wife when she was only entitled to 34%. To make matters worse, her attorney never filed a Qualified Domestic Relations Order through the Office of Personnel Management, which forced me to pay my ex-wife through monthly allotments of my annuity, all the while paying income tax on the entire amount. There were a number of other complications associated with the division of our property that were too difficult for me to understand and/or straighten out. Kristina and her staff are very knowledgeable and have a lot of experience when it comes to dealing with the Federal Employee Retirement System, the Office of Personnel Management and all the legal guidelines associated with the divorce of a federal employee. Ultimately, Kristina Voorhies-Legan saved me thousands of dollars by correcting the mistakes made by my ex-wife’s attorney. She was worth every penny I paid her and I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking assistance with a complicated divorce.